“Trained as an industrial engineer, I took over a professional lighting manufacturing facility in 2003. 10 years later, having turned it around and restructured it, I was able to take the time to open myself to new horizons: this is how my encounter with design began.


For this first approach, I was looking to produce aesthetic and well-finished lighting fixtures to at last be able to present my products to architects without blushing.

Having been seduced by a first contact with Antoine and Vivien and their workshop, we worked together for a year and many encounters took place, first for them to understand our constraints and secondly for us to understand their approach. This resulted in multiple exchanges in order to be able to create products that were not just “attractive” but also in harmony with our minimalist spirit, our economic and technical obligations and our production tool.

The work realised with Antoine and Vivien corresponds to a facet of a global concern to move our brand upmarket – only positioning that seems pertinent to us for a French manufacturer.

This therefore contributes to the current transition of a brand regarded as “economic” to a recommendation brand, and architects, design consultants and others key accounts now multiply their visits to our showroom in Pantin.”


Bruno CHARNAY, President of the HOLUX Group

“A very dynamic team, very invested in a design project of a complex range of platform furniture ! To overcome constraints and develop a quality design, Antoine, Vivien, Mathieu and the whole team always have an open ear, are drivers to reconcile the multiples issues. Our furniture comes to life under their pencil for a better use of transports by travellers. Thank you !”

Cécile Yémé, product design project manager, RATP

“We chose to entrust the Fritsch & Durisotti studio with the design of our brand ‘On vous veut du bien’ because we wanted to work with a team capable of venturing into a universe it had never worked on beforehand, and reconcile a fresh look on our market and experiences acquired in other fields.

Within three months, they met the challenge of convincing the 10 people at Bergams in charge of implementing the brand, and translated with precision, coherence, taste and summary the so many things we wanted to express.
They have ideas, the sense of vision and taste, and talent.
They know how to listen to you but also usefully counter your arguments with finesse and conviction.
They are largely creative but always serve the cause of the reality principle.
Traits of personality, union, humour, human faces …and masterfully guided pencils !

If we are telling you all this, it’s because we want the best for you !”


Hugues de TAILLY, Co-skipper at Bergams

“We arrived at Fritsch-Durisotti with the simple idea of getting a nice design for our high-end diffuser.

Not only did we find the uncontested beauty of the diffuser, meeting the technical and volume constraints, but also a talented strategic partner who got involved in the long-term, with a method containing several stages allowing us to approve the directions taken with consumer samples.

Throughout the development and the industrialisation, the studio gave us its perception and counsel on the adjustments to make, the chosen materials, the user experience and the product packaging, in order to ensure global consistency.”

Thibault Bréboin, CEO Lighting

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