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Revolving leaf gratings
for the RATP

The Fritsch-Durisotti studio signed the closing systems for entrances to the Parisian metro that have become familiar in the Parisian scenery.

The pertinence of this system lies in its adaptability. It in fact enables to automatically close entrances to the metro whatever the width.

Beyond this project of gratings with revolving leaves, the studio regularly collaborates with the design department of the RATP. Our work led to the realisation of many products now integrated in the metro and RER networks:  rotary grids, surveillance cameras, illuminated signs, travel information system, etc.

Our designs are in accordance with the numerous constraints of the place and the economic logic of the network.

  • © Fritsch-Durisotti
  • © Fritsch-Durisotti
  • © Fritsch-Durisotti