product creation

This activity is the historic heart of the studio.

“Product design” consists in inventing and designing innovative products/objects, aiming to improve the quality of life.

We see ourselves as sensitive detectors of weak signals of our changing society. By observing emerging trends and systematically embracing the “user’s point of view”, we imagine and design eloquent, intuitive and desirable products or objects.

Our know-how is to perform a concrete and ambitious transformation of uses into an innovative product, meaningful and elegant, even poetic. We always propose solutions anchored in an industrial and economic reality that incorporate the most recent technologies and pertinent materials.

Rising to the challenges posed by our clients and exceeding them is our fuel.

In fields as varied as Transport, Leisure-Sports, Gentle mobility, Well-being, Connected habitat or Interior design, our interventions cover :

- competition overview
- user immersions
- focus on use value
- conceptualisation/creation of models
- breakthrough innovation
- optimisation of products and processes
- industrialisation assistance